Thursday, October 22, 2009


animated gear

The household here has been buzzing – we’re scheduling and writing and planting trees and cooking turkey sausage - washing dogs - takin’ cats to the vet going for walks/runs and rides fishing for steelhead after running into old friends in restaurants - dropping kids off at the bus station - sending e-mails twittering and facebooking while applying for visas - nursing chronic injuries - cutting down trees - talking to teachers - going to the gym and streaming movies. 


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What does a beagle say?


owu Got up at the ungodly hour of 5am yesterday to drive down to Dover Ohio – a suburb just north of Columbus where Sara and I  spoke with a class full of pre-service teachers.  Pre- service means they have not yet graduated. We were visiting the class of  Dr. Amy McClure on the campus of Ohio Wesleyan University -OWU.

We talked about using poetry and performance as a tool in the classroom and we wrote some definition poems. I also used the opportunity to debut a new PowerPoint presentation I have been working on for my appearance at the Chicago Humanities Festival coming up in early November.

Now – did we remember to bring a camera to document this wonderful visit. of course we did – did we remember to take pictures – no way José.  So I have no visual aids to share of the bright eyed students all aglow and soaking up ideas like some late night headset microphoned sham wow salesman.

sausage01 After out session with the kids at OWU we drove down to the city to have lunch with my oldest son Max – a botany major @ OSU. He suggested we swing into Germantown and hit Schmidt's Sausage Haus.  Well I do like me some sausage hence this was a sausage02welcome  proposition. I had the old world sausage sampler with sauerkraut – tart and tangy -  and a cup of potato soup.

So – Schmidt’s get’s a thumbs up in my book as does OWU – now if only there were a train between Cleveland and Columbus…