Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sabbatical over

acro04Back when I was working in manufacturing as a quality engineer I would have innumerable projects piled on my desk. Things to do – people to call – forms to fill out – problems to solve – stuff – stuff –stuff and more stuff. A couple times a year I would clear my whole desk, drag a waste can over and just sweep everything in front of me into the circular file.

I almost never regretted it. 23 years and I can only recall one maybe two times  tossing something that was really needed – and even that didn’t end the world. Well, that’s where I am with this blog. I’m ready to get started on it again but I am so far behind in my posts that I don’t know where to begin. Since my last I have been in Shanghai where I had wonderful and amazing adventures with Sara and Taylor Mali, Visited Gahanna Middle School near Columbus Oh – spoke to pre service teachers in Wooster, presented workshops at Indiana University in PA, visited Windermere Prep in Orlando (where the school gave us a four room sweet suite @ Epcot center, did a reading at Lix and Kix, witnessed the birth of a new puppy, upgraded my bicycle, attended a grade school talent show where my nephew sang a Weird Al Yankovich song, got a new teacher book in to the publisher, did a reading in a small art gallery and taught at a high school near Lancaster PA, and spoke at Madison High. There is no way I can give proper attention to all these events as well as the ones I have forgotten – so…

sh01 I’m clearing off the desk – starting fresh. I’ll try to get back to some more of the travel stuff we did – China was pretty outstanding but I’ll drop the stories in here and there along the way.

In the meantime here’s a few pics from the last couple months.

 cx01 teagahanna10   orlando