Friday, June 19, 2015

Absentee landowners suck

So I live in a fairly quiet little neighborhood in  Mentor Ohio. Middle class nothing too pretentious - but we're not parking cars on blocks on our street either.

For the most part our neighbors keep up their yards and houses - like I said - there are no homeowner association police telling you what color your door has to be or measuring your lawn height.  Of course you have your eccentric here and there - the cat lady who never opens her door and has let  the trees in her place go crazy - but she occupied the house so you cut her some slack.

On the other hand - we've got one character who - I guess - bought a place on our street three years ago with the intent of flipping it and has not achieved a whole lot toward that goal. County records indicate that the owner of this property is a Russel Powell - who I believe is connected to Powell Remodeling here in Mentor.

Pretty ironic considering the most run down and dilapidated property on our street is owned by this guy. I posted the following pics to the remodeling businesses' Facebook page.

 Well this resulted in the only real movement on this property in a long time.

Of course this guy doesn't live in this place - he couldn't it's uninhabitable - but I guess that's okay because - well, he doesn't live in the place.