Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Almaty Kazakhstan - so far

Almaty International School Kazakhstan

Kazakh Crow


We got in real early – 5am or so. I took a picture of the Welcome to Kazakhstan/Almaty sign above the passport and visa check in and immediately was told to put my camera away by a gruff uniformed man. Sasha our driver and our hostess Maura, the principle of the Almaty International School drove us to the hotel we are staying in the first three days of our visit, it was still dark the whole way. (By the way the time difference is 13 hours difference – as I type this it is 9pm back in Cleveland and 8am here.

We showered off the road dust, ate a decidely Eastern European breakfast of boiled eggs, salami, and Nescafe coffee then went over to visit the school we'll be teaching at. What a beacon of brightness in an otherwise winter gray landscape. The sunny rooms were almost as surprising as the mountains that appeared outside our room's window once the sun came up.

Here are a couple snapshots – we'll be keeping you posted.

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