Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jakarta International School

I would be remiss in not saying what a wonderful experience it was working at the Jakarta International School! Now one of my favorite places I have visited. Not only were all the kids above average ;) - but Sara and I were treated like royalty the whole time we were there.

Dianne and then Kate - the High School and Middle School librarians respectively - fed and watered us, had us carted around the city, gave us valentine roses etc. etc. etc.

What a great great experience - Terima Kasih!

We were welcomed to the middle school by the Jakarta Middle School String Orchestra - How classy is that?

A group of the middle school kids - not at a pep rally but at a poetry reading!

Coaching a reluctant - but brave - performer.

Classroom workshop.

Sara - the middle school library guru, Kate and yours truly.

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Joe, Betsy and Samuel make three!!! said...

I graduated from JIS back in '83. It is indeed a wonderful place!