Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Walk Like an Egyptian (Curriculum Specialist)

Thursday Morning here

which is the equivilent of Friday in this Muslim country - so it's the last day of our work at the Cairo American College. I'm going to swing by the Sudanese refugee school where Franklin has been volunteering at this afternoon to read the kids some Ashley Bryan stories. Then we are officially on a vacation. We hop a plane to Aswan and start a three day cruise down the Nile.

It's been a great experience at a wonderful school. Super staff engaged students and they have kept us busy. I'll be posting later in more detail - in the meantime here are some pics from a nightime street market run and I do mean run - our number one poet wrangler and curriculum specialist, Peter Ducket, the very long legged man with gray hair in one of the photos strides through the city at a pace that sets the rest of us mortals on the verge of breaking into a trot.

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