Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretentious Artists

As neighborhood taverns
go the Literary Café in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood has long been one of my favorites. It has a regular cast of characters (heavy on the character side) and also hosts one of the best poetry series in the city.

Another bunch that calls the Lit Café home is the Pretentious Artists of Tremont Drawing Club. Every Friday this crew invites a model to come in for a three hour sitting. To be a model all one has to do is sign up on the calendar that is hanging in the back room. The poobah of the event Tim Herron invited me to sign up back in the beginning of the year. The calendar was booked five months into the future so finally this past Friday I was their guest.

Here are three of the resulting portraits.

by larry zuzik

by tim herron

by Artour


monkey girl said...

dude -- you look a little bit like johnny depp in this drawing by artour!

MilesB said...

Always a good time at the Lit Cafe. It was good chatting with you Friday night during your allotted break time...

csalinger said...

I think the first one is the closest to you....your mother

smith said...

3 fine portraits.