Tuesday, July 21, 2009

26,400 feet - but who's counting?

This year my preparations for triathlon season have been as much an exercise in pain management as it has been training. My first tri is this coming Sunday in beautiful Fairport Ohio. Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time know that my least favorite portion of these races is the running part – I lumber down the road pretty much as if I were dragging a studded snow tire attached to my waist via a twelve foot length of swing set chain. So I have paid particular attention to this portion of the contest this year and even entered a handful of races – including the Cleveland Marathon.

Okay, here’s a little aside – back when I was growing we had Great Danes. One of the males used to run away every time a certain female dog that lived over the hill would come into heat. My mom or dad decided to attach a tire, complete with metal wheel hub still embedded in the center, with a length of chain to this canine Romeo. The set up didn’t keep him in his yard but it did provide a nice path in the snow with which to track him by. The swath cut through leafless blackberry bushes, under split rail fencing and across chilly ponds. Such is the power of puppy love.

Needless to say (ever notice the caveat “needless to say” never stops a person from making whatever the unnecessary comment is? Needless to say – my performances haven’t equaled that of a love struck Great Dane – but I did beat the goal of cracking into the eight minute mile pace in this past Sunday’s five mile Johnnycake Jog. The race runs past my parent’s house – the starting line for that Great Dane – and they and Sara cheered me and my son Franklin on and snapped these pics.

Franklin moving along a whole lot quicker than his dad.

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