Thursday, November 18, 2010

Windermere Prep

In the shadow of Disney World is a wonderful school that Sara and I have had the privilege to visit the last two years in a row (Sara’s been coming a lot longer than me – she let me in on this gem last year) Windermere Prep where Middle School Pooh-Bah Mary Beth Davis has created one of the most inviting learning environments I have ever seen.


We were on our way down to the kingdom of the mouse to present and attend the National Council of Teachers of English conference anyway so we called Mary Beth and asked if she’d like us to work with her students and she said certainly! Hooray!


We wrote memoirs, we wrote poems, and we wrote infomercials. The 7th graders even blocked out a desk that squeaked and groaned like the cargo hold of an over laden pirate ship under the weight of their busy pens. Here’s a couple pics and a vid taken in one of the eighth grade classrooms.


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