Friday, July 22, 2011

Spitfire update 3

 Okay - as expected I have hit the hurry up and wait stage - have seat-post, new handlebars and a market basket that I am waiting  delivery on to finish up this re-build. But it is coming along pretty nicely. I've brought it back to my house after doing the frame work over at my dad's and have it pretty much back together - the wheels and tires are on and trued the crank has had it's bearing cleaned and repacked - a new set of pedals - a couple broken bolts drilled out and then re-tapped. I even took it for a seat-less ride last night. 

 Putting the first of many coats of blue - masked off head tube has already been painted white.

 Fenders blue as well - notice how dull the paint is. That is because it is a base coat clear coat process. First you shoot the color in three or four coats - then you shoot a second clear paint that adds the shine and deepens the basecoat color.

Here are the parts after clear coating.

And here is the state of things in my basement today.

And a before pic to see how far we've come.

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