Sunday, October 2, 2011

Singapore week two

sing001Okay – our second week of work at the Singapore American School was as rousing a success as our first. We collaborated with the B-side students  this week (don’t think these kids are the flipside of any hit singles though) they shared an enthusiasm only rivaled by the A siders one floor below. The upcoming week we will work our way to the top of the floors and inflict ourselves upon the C-siders.

sing002It is really a pleasure to get to know the kids a little better than we usually have the opportunity. Sara and I are both meeting with each class for two hour and twenty minute sessions. Four contacts! And it’s so heartening to see them employ strategies we’ve taught in prior sessions when participating in later workshops. This is an excellent model for getting the most out of a couple teaching artists. Again, kudos to Dr. Nancy Johnson and the whole eight grade RLA team. We will certainly miss you when we leave.

sing003On a side note – one of the A side teachers, Brian Arleth, took me into the rainy jungles of the city for some biking. Mud, roots, monkeys, lizards, a capella singing, flat tires, long climbs, arm-hair raising descents and a lot of sweat later he returned me safely to the pavement of the city and a dip in his pool.

Some boys we came across when popping out of the jungle into a park biking around Singapore.

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