Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Donor died on the Table

Okay, I’ve been gradually upgrading my road bike over the years. Every season I add a new component – maybe some handlebars, new gearing, pedals. Well this winter I finally got around to buying  a new frame. So the bike I bought six years ago is officially gone. There are no original pieces to that first road bike I bought. So – I may have taken a half dozen years – but I have a new bike.

 Here’s the donor bike – the Trek frame is the only original component and it’s day is here.
Max came home for Christmas so I waited for him to help with migrating everything to the new carbon fiber frame.
Brakes are installed as is the crank – there was a bit of tricky threading for the shifters and we toasted a couple lines but got it right in the end.
We got pretty close with the derailleurs but the chain seemed a bit to sloppy – so we took the thing to the LBS to get a pro mechanic’s opinion. Amazingly enough – he agreed with us.
Weighs in at just over 17lbs.
And here it is after a successful ride to the top of the street and back amidst some giant snowflakes. The first dry day though I’m bundling up and giving it a proper break in ride. (I removed the extra red decals the previous owner had installed. I prefer an understated style – that way when I get passed by some 19 year old kid on a mountain bike I may just not look too foolish.