Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It’s all Greek to me…

Just back from Athens where Sara and I visited the Athens American Community School at the invitation of their PTO.


We get asked quite often about how we land all these gigs in the international schools across the globe. Well, to be completely immodest – it’s because we do a good job.


We were invited to come to Greece by a PTO booster named Nancy who we met years ago when her family was living in Shanghai and her kids were attending Shanghai American School when we visited there. She liked what she saw from us and when her clan pulled up roots and transplanted to Athens she remembered and sold us to the special programming guru Steve (who subsequently became high school principle while we were there – but that’s another story)  and the rest is history.


Sara and I are so grateful to folks like Nancy and the rest of the PTO there in Athens. It’s people like them who put their necks on the line for a couple crackpot poets from Cleveland, Ohio.  and we’re proud to be remembered by the teachers and parents we’ve worked with in the past who think enough of us to ask us to their next school in their globetrotting careers.


Here’s a few pics from our visit – the  auditorium shots were taken by a student who I gave our camera to. The school was a bastion away from all the unrest that has been gripping the city and we hope the students and staff stay safe while the country goes through this tough time.


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