Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I did all Summer (or - what will I do with my kids the first week of school?)

Well, Long time no see - I am going to try and get back into this blogging thing. I'm afraid Facebook posts have taken up my internet time more than they should. It's been a pretty busy summer. Sara and I are working on a new classroom project that is still in the development stages and which I hope I am not jinxing by mere mention.

In the meantime we are looking forward to the school year beginning. Our first trip this year will be to Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong and then we are back to Singapore American at the invitation of our dear friend Nancy Johnson. Just before the school year ended last year Sara and I posted some lessons to the sit Teachers Pay
Teachers - one of which is a memoir writing exercise. Well, just lately I see that its download is picking up. I think the format is perfect for a "What I did over the Summer" narrative - but then again I may be a bit biased.

Anyway - I promise to get back to this blog more often now - even if it means my Facebook presence must suffer.

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