Saturday, October 6, 2012

I'm not dead yet...


Well - Sara and I curated a Before I Die event in Slavic Village. See the post preceding this one for more details - in the meantime here are some pics from the day.

Every now and then this old T-shirt I got working at Playhouse Square comes in handy.

 The foor traffic was steady throughout the day - it was fun to watch folks faces change from suspiscion as to what we were up to - to deep thinking about what they might write on the wall.

 Along with travel, family was mentioned a lot.

Here's the crew from the Cleveland Leadership Center Boot Camp - who were the impetus of the Cleveland version of "Before I Die". Earl Pike, the main instigator, is center with arms crossed while co-conspiritor Christy is second row - fourth from the right.

 Some of the messages were very poignant. 

 Sara directing some of our visitors as they make their pacts with the universe.

Boot campers umloading and erecting the installation @ 7:15am!

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