Saturday, January 26, 2013

Borneo to be Wild

Okay – so begins the latest adventure in the Salinger/Holbrook world tour.


After nearly nearly 40 hours of constant travel (anything over and Ganesha, the Hindu god of travel would have owed us overtime) we are safely arrived in Balikpapan, Indonesia on the Island of Borneo. No wild man sightings yet – but we are slated to be visiting some orangutans (the original wild men of Borneo) later this week.


So five connecting flights – during which we got three hours or so of sleep – a fine Indian meal with our greeting hosts Brent, Cheryl, and their two lovely offspring and a chance to get some real rest overnight – I am up and about waiting for breakfast to be delivered to my door. After which – I think I will hit the gym and then hopefully con Brent into going for  a bike ride.

It’s a tough life for a couple of crackpot poets form the frozen north coast of Ohio.


Sara and I are so excited to be here to work with the teachers and students of the Pasir Ridge International School.


Safe and sound – over and out – I promise to tray and post lots of pics as they come.

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