Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Art of Teaching Literacy – Hong Kong International School

hkislogosmAfter a bit of respite in Bali Sara and I were back at work. This time we were making a return visit to Hong Kong International School.Back in September Sara and I swung through for a quick visit after which – Professional Development guru Karen Rohrs invited us back to speak at a literacy conference and to work with some of the middle school students.

hk003One of the many great things about accepting this assignment was the opportunity to share the bill (as well as a taxi and dinner table) with one of our favorite educators, Stephanie Harvey. We like to think that our work augments hers by providing practical classroom lessons that are rooted in the inquiry based learning model that Stephanie champions.

hk001We squeezed a whole lot of PD into a couple days and the teachers attending, from schools all over Asia,  performed like champions themselves. They plugged away and managed to stay bright eyed throughout a an 8am to 5pm day. My only regret of the conference was that we didn’t get the opportunity to sit in on many sessions ourselves – they kept us pretty busy. I would have really liked to get a chance to listen to Matt Glover’s presentations but we were presenting opposite him throughout.

hk005Of course our time at the conference was not all work and no play – we had a wonderful dinner at some swanky joint overlooking the harbor where we celebrated Matt’s son’s 18th birthday while watching the light shows being played out on the skyscraper backdrop.

hk002Many thanks to Karen, Jacqui and all the crew who made the conference the success it was and here’s to hoping we see you again soon!


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