Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Writing From the Outside In - Day four of seven.

Okay – here is day four of the Writing from the Outside In seven-day challenge that Sara Holbrook assigned me. I know technically I missed a day there – but it was Sara’s birthday and we were a bit busy and I blame it on her. But here we go back on track.

Last night riding home from a birthday dinner with Sara and a dear couple friend of ours it was raining and I noticed the street and car’s lights reflected in the blacktop in front of us as we drove along. That was the inspiration for this little snapshot poem.

Mirror Mirror

The world turns upside down
when it rains at night,
street lamps,
the moon,
car’s headlights,
are reflected in the streets
like a blacktop mirror.
The image is a little blurry
and backwards from the original
One must realize
that things may look different
through someone else’s

 © michael salinger

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