Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dead poet walking

Got my desktop computer back from Micro-Center repairs. The old hard drive was fried – nothing salvageable. Luckily I had only had the new computer for about 8 months so all I’ve really lost was what was new since then. Mostly edited photos and some documents, including an updated resume - (*&%^&*())*&%#%. Now I am in the process of replacing software and looking for registration codes, begging Microsoft to let me install Office again…. But that’s not your problem.

We went to a dedication ceremony downtown for a plaque that is going to be placed in honor of local poet activist Daniel Thompson who died in 2004. Dan was a great influence on many writers here in town. I know he was a catalyst in my perusing the life of a poet. He was the first “real poet” who told me that he liked my work.

Here are some pics from today:

You want poets to show up - provide free food.

Smith and Holbrook talking politics.

Here are the bad kids outside drinking beer and smoking.

(Lang is always ducking from things I don't see.)

And here's Dan...

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