Monday, May 19, 2008

Well Defined

Starting to get back to the daily swing of things.

Thanks to all for your support.

I've got a couple back burner projects bubbling over to the stove front so of course I spent this morning working on something that is still far off in the future as well as not really my responsibility.

A book of (hopefully) humorous poems defining SAT level vocabulary words penned by myself and illustrated by Sam Henderson is due out from Boyd's Mills Press this coming spring. It is almost a two year process from acceptance of the manuscript to the book hitting the shelves.

The publisher has been keeping me in the loop on the project and even took my suggestion for an illustrator - this is surprisingly very rare. I know a whole lot of writers who never see the artwork for their manuscript til the galleys show.

Here is a possible cover for the book. I took the liberty of coloring and adding text to Sam's drawing - so it is by no means the official artwork that will be used - just a shot in the dark on my part.
An here is one of the poems:


sneaks under the door
little by little by little
spreads across the floor like morning fog
he’ll stick to your shoes
and follow you like a little brother
that can’t be shook
he’s that tickle in the back of your throat
when you absolutely must be quiet
the smell of turpentine
cheesy song you can’t get out of your mind
he’s nothing but trouble
but he takes
his time

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