Friday, February 19, 2010

Do you know LeBron James?

sis004 So asked the smiling six foot two eight grade boy in my public speaking class when I opened the floor to questions after the lesson. Sara and I have just spent two days with the eighth through twelfth grade classes at the Seoul International School here in chilly Korea.


We shook off our jet lag and talked with the kids about our lives as poets and globetrotting educators, did some writing exercises and even had some extra curricular discussions concerning  the Cavs trading away Z. As per usual in the international school system the students were attentive and hard working. A bit shy to start but brave enough to try anything they were called upon to do. In the end I think we were all writing and talking with a bit more conviction.


Seoul International was a great way to begin our two week tour of South Korean schools and I am really looking forward to the coming days here in this hospitable country.


sis005 Today we head out to explore the city a bit more with our librarian/hostess Kris – the epitome of hospitality herself having given up her apartment for our use while we visit in her school. In fact all the teachers and staff we encountered couldn’t have been more accommodating from writing cabbie directions in Korean making sure we got home with no surprises, sharing literary journals they have edited, to helping us order our barbeque chicken (even though the sweet sauce was every bit as fiery as the spicy sauce) we have been made to feel welcome in every way.



As for my future shooting forward’s question. Although I may not be a regular on the guest list at gatherings in Mr. James’ household it does seem the superstar and I hold some of the same ideals as important.


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