Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seoul Train

seoul001 Well the trip over was pretty uneventful – as uneventful as 28 hours of non-stop, zero sleep cattle shuffle and egg carton crated moving halfway across the globe can be. All our planes were on time, our baggage made it, there was a pretty good selection of movies on the way over, the food on the planes was edible and by some karmic reward Sara and I found ourselves the only occupants in our row on the plane allowing us to stretch ourselves and our various books, iPods, and laptops comfortably between us.

seoul003 I want to indulge in a little aside here. one of the movies I watched on the trip over was a Bollywood flic called Aladdin. Now I am not a great fan of American musicals (most of which I  was exposed to on Saturday afternoon TV growing up in the 70s – they usually came on after all the cartoons were played out under the umbrella of Saturday Matinee or some other equally creative title) I don’t despise them either. Oklahoma, Annie Get Your Gun, The George Cohen Story, Singing in the Rain, etc.etc. I just never really got into the whole breaking out into song thing.

Then one afternoon I saw a a Busby Berkley movie starring Eddie Cantor filled with insanely intricately choreographed battalions of platinum blondes that gave a whole new meaning to the term suspension of disbelief. This is the quality that I love about Bollywood movies the sheer schmaltzy surrealism. So – this goes on my bucket list – I want to be part of a Bollywood dance routine that is recorded for posterity – I figure we will need at least a couple three to four dozen folks to pull this off – Oak Island vacation crew – you listening?

Anyway – we’ve landed safe and sound in South Korea, found our lost bag left on a bus containing Sara's passport, various electronics and cash intact wandered around a shopping area called Lotte World, watched youngseoul005 speed skaters in the ice rink of the aforementioned Lotte World, I bought some new eyeglasses and we had a couple meals. One lunch of a red curry  was so spicy I got a little dizzy while eating it!

This morning we begin working in the Seoul International School for two days then we will explore the city some more properly. I’ll be posting some pics (with our new camera) and ruminations as we get better acquainted with the city.

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smith said...

love your line: "as uneventful as 28 hours of non-stop, zero sleep cattle shuffle and egg carton crated moving halfway across the globe can be"

been there, be there again someday.

the busby berkeley was fascinating.