Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not so Heavy Metal

Okay -

So I have been doing some bike restoration and other work over at my dad's garage. His place is super well equipped for anything that one might decide to do to a piece of metal. I've decided to try my hand at some metal sculpting - or rather metal pounding, distressing, cutting, heating, bending  painting and chemically etching. So far my subject mater has been pretty aquatic - but that doesn't mean everything I do will be fishy. I figure once I have 12 - 15 pieces done I might start shopping around for a gallery show - we'll see. In the meantime here are a couple things I've made.

 This one is 55 inches tall and each fish is a bout 30 inches long. It was my dad's idea to drill out and mount it in an old slab of concrete.

 This is a pic of the wood carvings that inspired the above piece.

 This Stingray has a 45" wingspan and 46" from tail tip to horn.

This guy is 36 inches long.

Clicking on the image will give you bigger view. Unfortunately pics don't do these justice - you can't see how the clear-coat gives them a nice depth - but this'll give you an idea of what I've been up to.

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Smith said...

Looking good, metal-fish-wise.