Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Pleasant Conundrum

hike02 Last week Sara and I did a little bartering. Our friends Anne Goudvis and Stephanie Harvey (if you are part of the literacy and comprehension education world you know what rock stars these two are) wanted a little help with some presentations they were working on – PowerPoint and video editing stuff. So, it seems the Goudvis clan owns an amazing house up in the mountains outside of Aspen – built by the foresighted patriarch – Ted Goudvis years ago. Steph and Anne asked if we would be willing to come on out and help them in exchange for the use of said house and transportation.

Well I may have been born in the morning but I wasn’t born THIS morning. We jumped on the opportunity. I rented myself a bike and did some hill climbing – Sara got ten thousand or so new words added to a YA novel she is working on and we met a family of minks near the confluence of the two rivers which meet behind the Goudvis homestead.  Here’s just a few pics from out excursion.


A photo during a hike Sara and I took along Conundrum Creek.


Wildflowers on Independence Pass


Shot outside the door of the Goudvis’ house.


Hunter S Thompson’s table at the Woody Creek Tavern.


Me outside the Woody Creek


One of the baby minks (a kit) that we spied. At least I am pretty sure it’s a mink – let me know if you know different.

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