Friday, November 7, 2014

Surabaya International School

Here we are in Southeast Asia again.

Sara and I had the honor of presenting at the EARCOS conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. This is the third time we have presented at a conference for this organization. Usually we have presented at the teachers conference – this time we spoke at the administrator’s conference. It was a little different – but one thing that was the same for sure was the participants desire to provide the best education for their students in the world.

Well since we were in the neighborhood we arranged to visit a couple of international schools in theis corner of the globe, the first being Surabaya International School.  Leslie Baker, the librarian there picked us up at the airport and whisked us into the city of three million.  We only had two days to spend due to commitments back in the States (and another school over here) so we squeezed as many sessions in as we could.

Leslie made sure we were well fed and watered and basically treated us like family.

Well the extra hard work was a pleasure. We felt so welcome and appreciated – everyone from students, administration, teachers and the PTA who we met were absolutely wonderful. We came away wishing that we could have spent much much more time there.

Rooftop dinners, assemblies, fuzzy slippers with built in bear toes, a tea with parents and a mad dash to the airport in a mere 48 hours. It almost seems like we imagined it.

We finished the visit a little pooped – but in that satisfied so glad we came kind of way. So – bye bye Surabaya – hope to see you again.


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