Thursday, July 31, 2008

Whose your daddy?

photo: kelly weist
Is it yours? Find out now.
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DNA Paternity testing

I pass this billboard every time I drive downtown. I find it astounding.

Is this where we sit at the dawn of a new century? What kind of dystopian rollercoaster are we riding here? Little by little the absurd is inserted into our everyday lives insidiously and subliminally. The rally cry seems to be, “Avoid responsibility at all costs!”

Yeah, here’s your trickle down for ya. When the theoretical leaders of our cornerstone institutions, government, education, health care – spend more time avoiding accountability for their actions than doing their jobs – what can be expected from the folks for whom this crew is supposedly the role models?

Instead of witnessing the whole scale robbing of the U.S. treasury by this current band of thugs, war profiteers, health insurance lackeys, inept doctors, government on the take, education policy makers, and taking to the streets like a Frankenstein mob – we watch Maury Povitch to see who the baby’s daddy is – or we debate whether or not someone is wearing an American flag pin.

Sometimes I just have to shake my head.

Am I officially a curmudgeon yet?


smith said...

keep speaking these sad truths and we'll have to lock you away from the sheep.

kathy said...

I think these small issues are used to distract us from the larger issues. We argue about banning or honoring a symbol rather than acting on what's being perpetrated in the symbol's name.

We ever have such narrowness, no nuance, no?

Jesus Crisis said...

If this makes you a curmudgeon, then we need a whole lot more curmudgeons in this world!