Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tri me

Did another tri today. This was my big one for the year – the Cleveland City Triathlon. Big means high tech timing chips - lots of support people around and a higher price tag to enter.

I revamped my approach this time – decided to start off toward the back of the pack in the swim. The last couple races I have started near the front getting out quick, and then getting swum over by folks passing from behind. This can really mess one up. And I have ended up choking and coughing up Lake Erie H2O from my lungs.

Well, the strategy worked – this time I ended up being the guy who was swimming over top of people. A much better position. Landed me in second place of my division (Clydesdale - men 200+ lb.) when I got out of the water.

I held my own on the bike ride as well even though the wind was formidable. After the bike portion I was in third place – on my way to my first triathlon medal! I rode this portion of the race next to a cardialogist ten years my junior. Good plan on my part just in case I was in need of any emergency attention.

Alas, it was not to be. One rat bastard managed to pass me during the run portion. Your intrepid poet/triathlete came in 4th place. Just out of the medals. So close! They hadn’t posted the run times yet when I first looked at the standings which had me in third – so I waited the half hour for the update to have my spirits crushed.

Even so, it was good race and I have at least one more chance this season to finish in the hardware.

Reading and weeping at the final results.


smith said...

4th ain't bad, man.

michael salinger said...

yeah it is and i had a sinking feeling my place wasn't going to hold once the run was added in - i run like i'm carrying a pony on my back - and if i hadn't seen that i was in third after the bike i would have been thrilled with 4th.

kathy said...

O Wow - congrats! Maybe reading about all yr blogging about physical achievement is the straw that broke my back: I'm running again.

So good to feel such utility in my limbs. Mexicans look at me when I'm running like I'm kinda crazy, tho.

michael salinger said...

They're probably trying to figure out what you're running from. Try turning back and pointing behind you once and awhile and see how many folks you can get to join you.

Kelly W. said...

I think it's awesome considering in Feb I could run 5 miles and now I can't run around the block. I'm proud of you!

Amy said...

Wow. Didn't even know you were doing such things! Congrats.

I'm practicing my couch sitting.