Monday, September 1, 2008

Clam Bam Thank You M'am, thank you very much

by traditional time keeping summer is over today- three quarters through what has been a pretty rotten year. Devastating family tragedies, crummy economy, a political season that is degenerating into inanity again and adding insult to injury Gustav is bearing down on the gulf coast… Interspersed of course, were some pretty cool trips and some personal achievements – but I’m not going to be too sad when 2008 finally flips the deadbolt.

On a brighter side we are entering the months with the letter R in them which means clambakes. I love clambakes and we haven’t had one for years – so I think ‘08 is going to bring a clambake our way. Along with the arrival of mollusk merrymaking (I think there should be clambake carols – I’m dreaming of a white chowder…) school is starting up again.

Some have already gone back to class the rest will be starting this week and that means my season begins again. I’ll be doing another extended stint at the same inner city grade school I’ve been at for a third year. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve come to know the teachers there pretty well and we work around my varying travel schedule and their classroom goals pretty seamlessly. We have a new principal with new principles who is young and energetic, really sees the positives of integrating an arts program with core curriculum. Rumor has it he has already butted heads with the administration over re-painting some hallways on his own – sounds good to me. Here’s hoping for a fun and productive year. Our big trip this year will be to Cairo where we will be teaching for a week then taking a cruise down the Nile.

I’m off to Houston in a couple weeks for a week long residency; Gustav should be long gone by then. It’s been a whole summer since I taught for any extended time in a classroom and I am looking forward to getting back into the mix. It’ll be like that first mile of a long run – a couple kinks to work out, a few aches that’ll go away and then cruise control as everything begins to fall familiarly into place (I hope.)

So I guess it’s sort of like New Year’s in our household – time to start again.

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