Saturday, September 27, 2008

what 36 years can do to a guy


Today my son and I will be relocating some live chickens. Hopefully this will be uneventful - but there is some potential for unforeseen catastrophe.
update: The chicken moving escapade was pretty anticlimatic - while the premise was I Love Lucy rerun worthy - we put a couple chickens in dog carriers, drove them 40 miles in the back of my Honda Elelment - then set them loose in my sister's chicken pen along with a couple dozen of her own fowl. No harrowing escapes in the auto - no fighting with new chicken pen mates - no chickens attached to anyone's face as they stumbled around a pasture - nothing.


Joy Leftow said...

I like the 2 pics. You were sweet. Hope everything goes well with the chickens.
I too have worked with literacy and children in the schools. Although I am a social worker I often helped children and in my groups used artistic means to help them such as peotry, journals & creative art.
I very much liked the piece Looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's.
The cool weather is making sleeping more comfy.

michael salinger said...

thanks for stopping by.

Amy said...

too cute salinger!

Have a great time in Cairo.