Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's

first of the fat flies of the fall have arrived. Lumbering insects, black and thick - buzzing as if they are powered by little diesel engines. Not the quick iridescent green bottle flies of midsummer those speed demons that you can’t get to even with a souvenir flyswatter you picked up in Nashville. These autumnal pests are so slow you can knock them out of the air with the back of your hand.

Suzie our borderline OCD Papillion watches the insects laconic meandering flight about my office, her head following along as if I were waving a piece of cheese in front of her in random figure eight patterns. It lands on the windowsill and stays there. It’s got nowhere to go I guess. Suzy loses interest and I forget about it.

It’s getting cool at night now down in the 50s. Good sleeping weather is what people will tell ya – even the meteorologist on the TV set – good sleeping weather tonight they say. I don’t ever remember them pointing out the bad sleeping weather nights. I do remember a guy I used to work with named Ron. Ron told me that when he was a kid – this would be back in the 1960s. Back then, when there was a weather alert a little letter W would be placed in the corner of the picture of television broadcasts. I remember these little warning symbols too.

Well Ron’s dad told him that the W stood for Werewolves. So Ron would sit in the recliner in his living room with his legs pulled up to his chest staring at the little glowing letter in the corner of the black and white picture waiting for the werewolf danger to pass. I guess that could qualify as a bad sleeping night.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, looks like we’ve got a cool and clear night with a slight breeze coming in off of the lake – would be a perfect night for sleeping if it weren’t for the werewolves…. We’ll keep ya posted.”

Actually the weather has been terrific lately – still warm but minus the summer’s humidity. I’ve been getting out biking and running at a more leisurely pace since the racing season is over for me and the cool breezes combined with bright sunshine are a welcome change. I do want to throw in a plug for a really cool website that I use a whole lot.

This is a great place to map out a run or bike ride – it even will give you elevation (most of the time – sometime that portion goes down.) I’m headed to Houston in a week or so for a residency. I’ll be using this site to map out where I am going to run.

How’s that?

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