Friday, October 3, 2008

Get your kicks...

in the St. Louis airport waiting to fly back home.

We had a really good time at the conference in Springfield. The Missouri State arm of the International Reading Association is certainly a gracious host. True to their state moniker the attendees sat back a bit and waited to see what two semi sane performance poets had to say to a ballroom full of professional teachers. Luckily, they seemed to like what we presented in both our keynote and our individual sessions. The organizers and attendees all were effusive with praise and were really appreciative of the work we did.

We also got to have dinner with our editor at Heinemann the super smart and shiny Harvey “Smokey” Daniels – perhaps you have seen his posters around, wearing the ranger hat – you know “Only YOU can prevent illiteracy?” Okay, I made up the poster bit – but Smokey is a really tops in the field and I appreciate time spent with him. Between hanging with him and the teachers at the conference I feel rejuvenated and ready to hit the classrooms this school year.

It’s been a rough couple weeks piled onto a rough year as it was going so I take a deep breath and hope this is the harbinger of better things ahead.

Flying into Springfield was exorbitantly expensive ( $159.00 vs over $800.00) so we flew into St. Louis and drove 3.5 hours to the gig. This allowed us to trace the path formerly blazed by Route 66. The best I could figure out that historic road has been replaced with Interstate 44 in this part of Missouri, but some of the tributary attractions are still around. I also took this opportunity below the Mason Dixon to swing off the highway in Cuba, MO to partake in some barbecue. People in the know – know that southern barbecue is completely different than what we call barbecue up north. I do like myself some pulled pork.

So I’m home for a day then off to Houston where I am doing a week long residency in a high school that I have been looking forward to.

Up, up and away!

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