Monday, October 27, 2008

Sometimes you just want to...

we're getting our act together little by little to get out of town. I have the collected stories of Eudora Welty - but the travel time all totaled is around 22 hours so I decided to pick up some back up reading.

There are a few books that I always say were watershed moments in my literary career when asked. Most of them I do not remember though - I just know they made a big impression - so I have decided to start re-reading some of these tomes.

Sara and I stopped in at the local Barnes and Noble.

Do you have Celine's Death on the Installment Plan?

Not in stock no, I could order it for you.

No I don't have time, what about Journey to the End of the Night - same author.

No sorry

Okay, how about The Trial, by Kafka?

Let me check, how do you spell the author's name?

You would have been proud of me gentle reader. I did not rip the clerk a new one - did not say EXCUSE ME? You work in a bookstore and you're asking me how to spell Kafka? I just calmly spelled it out for her.


1 comment: said...

Celine once wrote "I piss on it all from a considerable height." I imagine him in literary heaven wishing to piss on the Kafka-clueless clerk.