Saturday, October 25, 2008

What Sphynx in here?


Our next overseas adventure is waiting in the wings like an antique bathtub (sans overflow escape) filling down the hall. I can hear the water running, the sound changing pitch as it gets closer and closer to the brim but I am stuck on an important phone call and the cord won’t reach into the tile floored bathroom.

I can’t hang up, but I can’t ignore the looming flood and now the cat just ran by with a still alive chipmunk in its maw and there’s a kid in full marching band regalia straining with boxes of smoked almonds at the front door.

So much to do that it’s easier to ignore it all and post a blog.

This coming Thursday we head to Egypt! Sara and I are teaching at the Cairo American College for a week and then we are going on a three day cruise (sit right back and you’ll hear a tale…) down the Nile! We’re taking my younger son Franklin with us. He will be enrolling in the school we are teaching during the day and volunteering at a Sudanese refugee school afternoons – this should put a different perspective on some things for the young man

I’d be even more excited if we hadn’t crammed our every hour of the week before we leave with gigs and obligations. This is the rip the band aid off in one quick pull approach to overseas travel.

I am confident that muscle memory experience will pull us though this one – once we whip out our passports at the ticket counter we will transform and mesh into lean mean traveling machines. Shuffling forward in lines of humanity, dragging our Sisyphysian bags, eating whatever is provided in compartmentalized plastic platters by smiling flight attendants ‘cause ya don’t know when you’re gonna be fed again, boarding passes being the one constant as the surrounding environs become more and more foreign.

Yep – less than a week to go and we’ll be rocking in the cradle of civilization – but first, I’ve got to take my shirts to the cleaner.

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