Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cleveland State Poetry Performance Class

Paid a karma-gig visit to Cleveland State as a guest teacher last night. Good group who absorbed a whole lot in a little bit of time. We had a couple laughs and I think the kids may have learned something to boot. In fact – we were having so much fun a student who was just passing by the class asked if he could join in. We said sure! I was especially pleased to see the vivacious Kisha Foster sit in on the session.

And the reviews are in, the instructor writes:

Dear Michael,

Your presence at last Tuesday's Poetry class was so very refreshing, and extremely informative to the class, as well as invaluable from a performance and instructional perspective.

I cannot thank you enough for your unselfish contribution to our students' development, as well as to my own, during your visit. You covered quite a bit in your very limited engagement, yet offered many perspectives in the pursuit of writing and performance.

Again, thank you so very much for acting as a resource and your avowed support.