Monday, January 5, 2009

Giving Cheerleaders a bad name...

Okay, so I am sitting in the whirlpool
at the gym after a spinning class and swimming some laps. Fox News is on the idiot box on the other side of the glass enclosure which surrounds the whirlpool. I usually switch the channel wherever I am when Faux News is on but I was chest deep in bubbling 104 degree water. The closed caption was on the tube – so I was able to follow along.

The report was about some new face recognition technology being used in conjunction with the cameras in ATMs. Seems this software can scan the image coming into the security camera and then run it against a criminal database and flag any suspected wrongdoers that it matches.

The guy reporting then lauded the 93% success rate. I’m thinking to myself – I don’t want to be that seven out of a hundred that’ll be having their doors kicked in for no reason. The reporter addresses this by saying some Civil Libertarians - in I imagine that “what a bunch of nut jobs” tone that Fox does so well – are worried about the Big Brother aspects of the practice.

After the reporter finishes – the leg flaunting blonde ditz portion of the America’s Newsroom anchor duet Megyn Kelly questions - and I paraphrase accurately though, “Why would anyone’s big brother be worried about this, what do people talk about big brothers all the time?”

Her Clark Kent lookalike co-anchor explains that there was this author named George Orwell…


Anonymous said...

Mr. Salinger,

I came across your blog when I was looking for information about Spring Woods High School. I then stumbled upon your rant about Megyn Kelly and "Faux" news. I found it pretty ridiculous. Especially the "flaunting blonde ditz" comment. Watch her a little bit more. She has passed the bar exam and is a practiced lawyer. You lost a possible audience member to your blog with weak minded rhetoric. Like most of those who bash Fox news, you admit you change the channel, and then criticize. That is like me criticizing your poetry, despite me knowing nothing about it. Keep it real and don't be such a dick

michael salinger said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous.

Would have been a bit more inclined to take it seriously if it were signed minus the crass coda.

Then again, you'll never see this since I lost you as a reader...