Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Oaxaca this way...

I am off on an adventure to visit some beatnik friends in the bowels of Mexico. I’ll be hanging out on the roof of Mr. and Mrs. Smith (their names have NOT been changed to protect the innocent) in Oaxaca watching the world pass by far from the ice and wind of the north coast. I’ve been to a few border towns over the years but this is my first foray into the interior of this other North American country. I’ve always found it a bit pretentious that US citizens call themselves Americans, as if Canada and Mexico are just vestigial adjuncts to the country, tonsils and appendix if you will.

I’m flying on air miles so I am at the whim of the capricious overlords of Continental Airlines whose abundant wisdom believes I need to spend a night in Houston on my trek – so I am going to have to find a way to kill a day in the Magnolia City. I do have a short stack of pedagogical texts I have been threatening to read a couple plane rides and an itinerant hotel stay will provide that opportunity. I do my best reading 30,000 feet in the air.

I have absolutely no plans planned for Oaxaca, which is a rather new way to travel for me since most of my escapades revolve around working in a school, and I am traveling without my usual partner in crime so who knows what trouble I’ll get into minus that mitigating force.

Stay tuned.


John Burroughs said...

Enjoy! And please give my and Geri's regards to the Smiths.

smith said...

seize ya on the downsize - the smiths

Maggie May said...

the bowels of Mexico? yikes!