Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Domestique

The Domestique

Muscle fatigue is instigated

(according to the latest scientific hypothesis)

by tiny leaks of calcium on a cellular level

stimulating enzymes to assault muscle fibers

endeavoring to shut down whatever business is afoot


you already knew this

It is your nature to ignore this chemistry

Legs pumping with the precision of locomotive pistons

transferring energy to chain, sprocket and wheels

cutting through space

incited salmon-like forward

while every fiber below your neck screams

for you to stop

calves sinews braiding into knots

thighs threatening to split as if baking bread

the peloton follows in your wake

a brightly colored migration of spandex butterflies

and you come out of your saddle

to dance on your pedals

as if Bix Beiderbecke was blowing a solo in your skull

and then it comes

Your world is squeezed through a pinhole

and there is nothing

but the sound of wheels spinning

the hum of ceramic ball bearings

your heartbeat muffled in your ears

your body separates from your mind

and for an instant you are just

a projectile

sighting the finish line

Then it all explodes

shouts from the crowd first

followed by all encompassing pain

your will cannot maintain the pace

the universe has thrown a net over you

like Moses pointing to Canaan

you signal with your elbow the sprinter

who has been riding your wheel

for one hundred and twenty six kilometers

basking in your slipstream

like a dandelion seed behind a semi truck

and he slingshots by

to stand on the podium

to be kissed on both cheeks twice

by a duet of lovely French girls

while you look forward

to Epson salts and a whirlpool


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sara holbrook said...

I can't get my email to work. This radio silence is making me nuts. May whoever stole my phone be struck by lightening or wasps. Or both.