Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Radio Active

Today Sara and I did the Around Noon "Open Air" radio show. We had a live audience and the show was also broadcast live which was lots of fun for us - but did make producer Dave DeOreo a bit anxious. It's a rather new format for the station and we were honored to be asked to help break it in.

I think this was the third installment - the effervescent host Dee Perry had called and asked for us to help kick the series off earlier in the summer but we were out of town so a back up poet was utilized. We were very happy that they called us back.

It's a funny thing - we very rarely see Dee outside of the studio (I have to be pushing about a dozen visits now - WCPN is a very poet friendly station) but everytime we work with her it's more like a reunion with an old friend. I think this is why she is so successful.

Here are some shots I took before the show with my phone. I brought the good camera but left it in the car.

All these wires go somewhere.

There's Dee giving me the corner eye look.

Dee and Sara chat while the band tunes up.

Dave the producer in white and the evil sound dude peeking out in the striped shirt.

Just about air time.

Here's a link to the show: Open Air /


Esther said...

This makes me glad I always donated to the station when I lived in Cleveland.

Kelly W. said...

You guys both look and sound great in this video. xo