Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rabat American School - Morocco

ras01 Sara and I have just finished a wonderful week of classroom visits at the Rabat American School. When we got there the whole campus was covered with these wickedly weird placards full of mind scratching slogans created by our new friend Richard’s middle school English classes. It’s an activity he dubbed beautiful words.

Beautiful indeed – our whole visit to Morocco was absolutely one of the best trips we have taken and the school was full of engaged students and staff. We have far too many folks to thank and trying to name them all would surely leave some out so I am going to limit my public accolades to our two librarian friends Laura and Cynthia (plus a special shout out to Woody who along with Cynthia fed, watered and sheltered these two road poets.)

I also want to call out Dimitri – Said and Roman – you know why gentlemen.

Here are a few pics from our visit.

ras02 ras03

ras04 ras06





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