Wednesday, January 6, 2010

St. Francis Xavier (or you say Madeena and I say Madina)

Last school visit before we shake off the coil of this winter chill and escape like migrating Canadian Geese to the warmer climes' of Morocco. I’m pretty sure Canadian geese don’t fly across the Atlantic but you get my drift.

Met with the Middle School Scholars of St. Francis Xavier in beautiful Medina  (pronounced Ma- dine - a) Ohio yesterday. The arctic blast was playing with school schedules all around but we were right on time. My intrepid Honda Element scooted down the snow covered roads like nobodies business while I listened to my Arabic survival phrases podcast through the auxiliary jack of its stereo.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned how much I have loved this car – bought it in 2004 when it was the ugliest thing on the road and have enjoyed it ever since. in the meantime copycat models have sprung up from all the automakers. I almost think of the thing as a pet more than transportation. During his last visit home from college my oldest casually asked me when I would be getting a new car – and what would I be doing with the Element when I do – hint hint hint.

Anyway – the kids at St. Francis were prepared and enthusiastic for my visit, the visiting artist wrangler Judy was nothing but sunshine on this blustery January day and we had a very successful round of public speaking workshops.  Even though we were constrained to forty minute sessions we still got a lot of good work done. I don’t get a chance to take an extra breath during these crammed periods, but the kids were so focused and ready to go that the day flew by. We got some quality instruction accomplished and still had a few laughs.

So, thanks St. Francis for a great day, you try and keep warm now – I'll raise a glass of hot mint tea in your honor in the Marrakesh Medina (pronounced Ma deen a.)

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