Sunday, January 3, 2010

Souk and you shall find

Well – the last month has been super super busy! Sara has two new books sitting at the pubisher – I have one under consideration @ the same publisher and we finished the first draft of our new teacher book and that too is in the hands of the publisher and some initial readers.

So, what is our next trick? Off to Morocco! So will begin the Salinger Holbrook world tour for 2010. Morocco – Abu Dhabi – Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai,China. All between this Friday and the middle of March.  We’ll be visiting schools talking with students and teachers and making time for some touring around as well.

We each have a school visit on Tuesday then we re-group and get ready to hit the road. House sitter is lined up, we notified the mailman and the cops – dogs portioned out to family and friends.

Watch this space for updates as we slide down the rabbit hole to pop up in who knows where!

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