Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gecko, Gecko – who's got the Gecko?

Upon arriving at our Bungalow at the Alam Sari resort in Bali Sara informed me that the bathroom was already occupied. By a twelve inch long Tokay Gecko who was clinging upside to the ceiling. I ran and grabbed the camera but then he was gone. The rest of the week I stalked our reptilian friend trying to capture him for posterity.


Here is our guy after dropping off the ceiling onto my head, floor then rushing up the wall to disappear outside through a crack where the ceiling meets the wall.


This is the ceiling beam that our gecko hung out on – I have a whole lot of pictures of this ceiling beam with no gecko clinging to it. Now there was gecko on it when I first entered the bathroom but by the time I got back with my camera he had flown the coop.


Here’s out guy clutching to to the top of the beam as if it were a rolling log. By the time I could squeeze off another shot he was gone again. I obviously had to come up with another plan. I took our camera and set the focus for the beam then I set the flash and I began creeping into the bathroom at night, in the dark hoping to catch him unaware.


This almost worked but he obviously heard me coming so my next attempt would be even stealthier. I refocused the camera for the general area where he was hanging out and took a couple dozen practice shots.


Almost got him! Next time I will aim a little further to the right and I should get the shot.


The little bastard tricked me – the whole time we’ve been here he has been hanging close to his escape hole and this time he is further into the room. maybe he is getting used to me and the camera.

Well now he disappears for a couple days and I am afraid that my chance to get his portrait may have been squandered. Then one afternoon when we come in early to sit out the daily thunderstorm he is there. Sitting like he is posing. I calmly and quietly walk into the bathroom and click the shutter button a couple time.


Then later that afternoon he posed again – this time for a close up.


Nice getting to know you Mr. Gecko.


sara holbrook said...

And no, he did not try and sell us insurance. However he did make regular deposits into the bathtub as if it were a financial institution.

Cynthia said...

Looks like you made a lifelong friend at Alam Sari...he's lived there for as long as I can remember. Great photos!