Friday, February 4, 2011

Jakarta International School

jis001Not even a microbiologic sneak attack could keep me from my visit to the Jakarta International School. The day before our slated visit both Sara and I ended up flat on our backs with separate instances of some sort of food poisoning.  Sara first then I followed about six hours later. She believes her assailant was a salad we had outside of that final temple we visited where the lettuce could have been washed in untreated water and my guess is that I got mine at the airport via ice cubes in an iced tea. I spent the evening shivering cold with my intestines cramping afraid that I would have to miss my first day of school at one of my international favorites.


Lucky for me the next morning I felt just good enough to crawl out of bed and make the trip to Jakarta International School.  We couldn’t have been made more welcome. Kate and Matt the Middle and High School  Librarians made sure that we felt like rock stars the moment we stepped (Mm my head still spinning a bit) onto campus.


We started our three day stay with an assembly for several hundred seventh graders beginning with some great introductions by a couple students and a number from the middle school string quartet. I told ya this place is a class act. The assembly ended with the Middle School Principal Mr. Henry giving us a very gracious and eloquent impromptu welcome.


One thing JIS does is keep us busy. Each morning Sara and I would say goodbye to each other and then head into the middle and high schools respectively. I worked with 9, 10 and 11th graders and Sara with 6, 7, and 8th. Occasionally we would catch a glimpse of each other as one was walking across the schools lush campus. But, other than that we were full steam ahead.


Unfortunately I could not say the same for my stomach. The first day I had to duck out of class at least once during the eighty minute sessions as we worked on personal narrative and definition poems. The second day I made it through  whole periods as we practiced figurative language writing and by the third day, when we were working on public speaking, I was finally pretty much in control of my digestive system


Throughout the students and staff were hard working and engaged. I especially liked the extended class time allowing us to think more deeply about the work we were doing and the opportunity to work in the same teacher’s classroom a couple times really helped me to connect with a couple really great English teachers. I even met and AP English teacher who is also the schools champion rugby team coach.


This was not surprising though, see Sara and I have been here before and we had high expectations for our visit and they were met and then exceeded during a morning farewell assembly where we were given some lovely parting gifts and  Mr. Henry ended the shebang with a poem he wrote about Sara and me.

Thanks for the warm welcome – the great three days – and the fond farewell JIS. Seeya next time!


Annika said...

That is me on stage! We had a great time with both of you here, we learnt a lot!

Seung wook said...

I am on the stage too!!!! I wish I could meet you guys once more :'(

michael salinger said...

JIS is one of our favorite international schools - mainly because of the great students like you two. Keep out of trouble!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, JIS is a good school? The blasphemy! With all the changes being made to JIS, it has become much worst than it was before. Sure, just up until last year JIS would have been considered one of the best. Considering only the educational factor, JIS has always been and will still be one of the best. However, I think in terms of the social life in JIS goes, I don't think it's any better than other schools, if not worst. Not only that, but JIS has gone one on one by distributing lap tops to the student body, however is trying to pressure the students by restricting their printing, and now even monitoring what we're eating by using cards and wristbands. The cost of the food is way too expensive, and I think a lot of the school fund is being used in a completely useless way (ie. the T.V's in the library.)
JIS represents prison. As a student, I feel like a prisoner attending that school.

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l'Parisien Apel said...

To "Anonymous":
You think JIS is prison? Pah! Attend ACS. Then you will understand the true meaning of suffering. At least food is cheap there. that's as far as it goes though.