Friday, January 28, 2011

What’s the buzz?

post001The wasps here in Bali are approximately the size of a ballpark frank. After visiting the volcano Batur we got hopelessly lost for a few hours but finally managed to find our way back to Ubud and then to our bungalow in Keliki village – just before the daily rainstorm hit. Sara went to sit out on the porch to wait for the rain and left the sliding doors open inviting the cooler air from the approaching rainclouds in.

post002Along with the cooler air came the aforementioned wasp buzzing like one of those Cox model airplanes. He zoomed around the room a bit and then bounced a few times up against a glass pane next to the open doors. After hitting the glass a few times though he settled in and began walking on it. The totality of his reality had shifted and he was going with it. Most likely for this insect’s entire existence if he could see through it – he could fly through it, but all of a sudden boom – this portion of the air was solid. So he adjusted, instead of continuing to literally beat his head against it he stopped trying and began walking on it until we walked his way to the other side of the door and then flew away.

volcanoleftThat’s how it is travelling to these far flung destinations that Sara and I find ourselves in. When we hit an obstacle seen or unseen we could pound our heads against it or we could just calm down and go with the flow. Here in Bali it has been pretty easy to go with the flow, whether we are motor biking up to the crest of a volcano, following behind Larry and Rai through city traffic on one of their professional shopping excursions, popping that deep fried bit of pork stomach in my mouth at a roadside Babi Guling joint or simply waiting out a thunderstorm in a mountainside wood shed - all is an adventure.

terraceWe wrap this stay in Bali up today and get ready to pack up and head to Jakarta in the morning. We fly out of here like a wasp through an open door – but something tells me we’ll be back.


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