Monday, January 10, 2011

Aiken to be in South Carolina again.

aiken009Spent a couple days last week in Aiken South Carolina, a town about an hour’s drive from Columbia. This part of the state has become a return location for Sara and me the last three years.  We were there on behest of a couple teachers who caught our shtick at the Midlands Writing Project up in Lexington NC this past summer.

Now the National Writing Project is a really cool program. Basically  the idea behind the program is that if one wants to teach writing one should be a writer. Pretty novel (no pun intended) approach eh? Time after time after being completely blown away by the enthusiasm and rigor of a classroom teacher I am working with I find out that they are Writing Project alum.

Such was the case of the folks who brought us in to work with the kids at a couple of Aiken’s Elementary Schools. Beth and Sue were our hostesses with the mostesses during our two day stay. Here’s an article in the local paper that chronicles our visit.

We sure look forward to our next visit to the Columbia SC area  – especially since we found Little Pigs BBQ . Food that good and abundant can’t be legal north of the Mason-Dixon.

Here are some pics from our visit – they’ve been a bit stylized for use in future PowerPoint presentations.






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