Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Let it snow–let it snow–let it snow

Nothing gives one the sense of accomplishment like a freshly shoveled driveway. I think it is the instant gratification of seeing your job completed one clump at a time – step by step, seeing the progress in real time. It made me think how can we structure classroom lessons to give that same feeling of accomplishment as we go along. I was also grateful for the wool sweater I bought in New Zealand this past July – a long term bit of planning that has paid off in spades (snow shovels?)  this winter.

Here’s a couple pics.


Gargoyles are not known for their fondness of snow.


Suzi and Lili inspect my work.


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Terry Provost said...

If you need an even greater sense of accomplishment, you are welcome to come over and shovel our driveway.