Saturday, January 8, 2011

JFK High School Warren Ohio

jfk01When I first realized that I was booked into JFK High on the first day back from Christmas vacation I figured the day would be shot by kids unable to switch gears from the sleep late and eating goodies mode to the back in a desk mode.


I couldn’t have been more wrong. I had a wonderful visit with the students and teachers, meeting with grades seven through eleven. I was invited by a parent teacher alliance called Artcetera who are responsible for bringing all sorts of extra curricular events to the school. I might quibble a bit with the word extra here though. The folks I met from this organization all knew that adding a little extra creativity to the school day is a very integral part of a successful curriculum.


Extra special thanks to Judi and Brian for bringing me in and for their hard work seeing that their students are exposed and participate in the practicality of the arts. Thanks to Judi for the snapshots in this post as well and good luck on the poetry slam they are holding at the end of this month.



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Judi said...


We were so happy to have you and look forward to a repeat this coming January. Our own first Poetry Slam was a huge success--thanks so much for your guidance and enthusiasm!