Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hey Buddy–you got the time?

Hong Kong is a big city that works like clockwork. No wonder with all the timepieces in the city. Even with seven million people packed into this vertically proficient city one would have to assume each resident is sporting half a dozen watches on both arms considering the number of them for sale in this city. From a buck or two to the price of a starter home in a Cleveland suburb watches are everywhere.

Seventy five percent of the island’s land mass is still undeveloped but the other twenty five percent is packed tall and deep to form the mechanism that is Hong Kong. From what I could tell – everything worked – buses, subways, taxis, ferries, and trams up the side of mountains – clean, reliable precision at every turn. It was definitely one of the most navigable big cities I have ever been in. As my friend Larry, a frequent visitor to the metropolis, said it is a city designed for its occupants. I don’t think Sara and I ever got lost the whole week we were there.

Here’s a baker’s dozen pics from our visit.


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Lady said...

Thank you for posting these. I'm looking forward to seeing pics from Bali as well! Have enjoyed your facebook posts.