Thursday, October 10, 2013

American International School Lagos, Nigeria

So far so good!

aisl001Upon our arrival in Lagos Saturday evening we sailed through immigration in record  time (this is of course relative – I’ll talk  a bit more about the travel here in my next post) according to our gracious and savvy host, school librarian Kay Riley and things just kept running at a quick an invigorating pace.

Sunday night  Kay hosted us for a pizza party at her place with the elementary school teachers. We chatted and got got insights into the teachers classes which helped us pick lessons and presentations for our work with their students.


The gate to school.

Sara had a quick intro to the elementary and then she joined me for an hour assembly with the middle and high schoolers. Then we divided and conquered. Sara bravely facing off with the first graders and I wrangling the eighth grade. We continued on, Sara with elementary and me with the rest of the middle school, but our schedule was adroitly drawn up so that we were able to step in and make a little cameo appearance in most of the other’s sessions. This allowed us to take some questions from the middle school kids as a team before I led them through performance and writing clinics and for me to perform my hit primary poem “I Sit On My Bottom” with the carpet dwellers.


In the evening we dined and laughed with the middle school teachers and made plans to take a trip to Lekke  Market (I need to check the spelling on that) with a couple of them after school the next day.


So, Tuesday Sara continued on with the little guys and I worked on extended metaphor and memoir with the high school. We crammed a whole bunch of students onto the sessions in order to see everyone in the short time we had and I was more than impressed with hard work by the students and the enthusiasm of the teachers who attended the workshops.


A quick trip to the market to buy some beads and masks, a lovely dinner with the high school folks a 5am wake up and BAM – here we are at the airport getting ready for or next Africa adventure.

On to Abuja!

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