Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Resorting to Ko Sa.

kosa006What beeps like a dying smoke detector, eats mangos and has a three foot wing span? Answer at the end of this post.

Our bags are packed.

This is a common occurrence for this couple of itinerant poets from the Ohio. Sara and I wait for our driver, Godwin, to pick us up and transport us back to Accra after having spent a couple days of rest and relaxation at the Ko Sa Beach Resort about three hours from the city. I am always surprised that everything fits back into the suitcases.

Rhona, our hostess back at the Lincoln Community School of Accra, made the reservations for us. She knew that the place would be a perfect site to recharge off the grid so to speak after a couple whirlwind weeks in Africa. Especially after our misadventures and misconnections trying to get to Ghana in the first place from Nigeria the relative tranquility of the gold coast was welcome respite.


Consider, we had no way of knowing if our messages to Rhona about our delay in Lagos had even got to her, our relief to see her placidly sitting in the arrival lounge of Accra international. The calm of the airport compared to the bubbling cauldron Lagos couldn’t have been more disparate.


Off we go to Rhona’s place for a quick cup of coffee, a banana shake, some toast and conversation then into the air conditioned car which whisks us to the beach. And here you find us – ready to visit school tomorrow and start working with the students and teachers of Lincoln Community.


Find the crab.

Enjoy the pics.





And here is you answer:

African Fruit bats, they would begin beeping (they really do sound like a smoke detector or a travel alarm) and calling at dusk then again at 4am as they returned to their roosts in the tree outside of our bungalow. Unique, but still a bit early for a wake up call.



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